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Workplace Health and Safety Consultant for the Nelson, Richmond and Blenheim area

Andreas Gabriel, Dip OHS, Prof NZISM, HASANZ registered

Workplace Health and Safety is an issue that applies to all businesses and organisations. Even if you are the only person involved in your business, you still have obligations to meet and be aware of. Health and Safety is an area of business that tends to be overlooked, or pushed aside. Business owners prefer to focus on the core operations, such as actually producing  their products and delivering services. Finding the time to gather information about relevant Health and Safety legislation that applies to their business is not always high on the priority list.

However, failure to adhere to legislation can be extremely costly, both to the business and to the person harmed in a workplace accident. Businesses with the resources to employ a Health and Safety Advisor have a big advantage here. However, most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to create such a position.

Affordable Health and Safety Services for businesses of any size and type

Andreas provides the services of a qualified, experienced, HASANZ registered Health and Safety Consultant for your business, for a fraction of the costs. And be assured, he is not just supplying you with a bundle of policies, documents, forms, or software with a fancy looking dashboard, and then leaving it up to you to get on with it. We offer ongoing support with all your Health and Safety compliance issues, as and when you need it.

Andreas works with people from across a large number of industries. His satisfied clients range from Hairdressers to construction companies, Farms to Hotel groups, Beekeepers to manufacturing companies, bakeries to international engineering companies.

“Again it was amazing to have you on board. Very happy we engaged you and the team loved having you around for the both the work you did and the good energy you brought.” (Toby Burrows – Festival Director ‘BAY DREAMS NELSON’, Director ‘RHYTHM AND VINES’)

“We engaged Andreas to complete a comprehensive review of the risks in our business at four high risk work-sites in the South Island. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency Andreas completed the work and the practical solutions he provided. We asked Andreas to use our own internal systems and after a very short time I was able to leave him to it with the confidence the work was being completed as we needed and to a very high standard. What pleased me the most was how Andreas was able to get the guys on the floor to work collaboratively with him as it is very important in our organization that workers participate in Health and Safety processes. I would recommend Andreas to any organization and look forward to working with him again.” (Scott Fry – Health and Safety Manager – NDA Engineering, Hamilton)

Do your Health and Safety management systems and practices comply with the Health and Safety legislation?

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Tractor driver had worked 197 hours in the fortnight leading up to his death

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Fatigue – what’s the problem?

Many industries rely on workers being physically and mentally alert. Fatigue is a state of physical and/or mental exhaustion which reduces a person’s ability to perform work safely and effectively. Fatigue reduces alertness. This may lead to errors, and an increase in workplace incidents and injuries. As an employer, ensure…

Tractor driver had worked 197 hours in the fortnight leading up to his death

“Getting the job done is important, but not if the hours required to do it put workers at risk of injury or death,” says WorkSafe New Zealand Deputy General Manager Simon Humphries. His comments follow the sentencing of agricultural contractor Micheal Vining Contracting Limited in Huntly District Court. In October…

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Most New Zealanders don’t think workplace health is taken as seriously as safety, a survey suggests. The results of Safeguard magazine’s annual State of the Nation survey have been released, and they don’t bode well for the ‘H’ in health and safety. More than 900 people took part, consisting of…

It is not enough for a company to only identify a hazard

The importance of risk assessments and implementing appropriate controls – including training and monitoring workers to ensure they’re working safely, was a dominant message in the sentencing of Avon Industries Limited on health and safety charges. The Whangarei District Court released their sentencing decision on Wednesday, after Avon Industries appeared…

Major focus on reducing farm accidents involving vehicles

A major drive to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities involving vehicles on farms is underway. Almost 90% of farm fatalities involve working in, and around vehicles and machinery. Worksafe NZ research shows there is almost always a vehicle involved when someone dies as a result of a farm…