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Health and Safety Systems Setup

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Health and Safety Management Systems Setup

The first step is a comprehensive assessment of your businesses’ Health and Safety management needs. We check the existing Health and Safety management systems/practices, recommend steps to ensure compliance with legal requirements, and assist in implementation. We prepare a Health and Safety management plan/manual and all required forms and registers, customized for your business. As a final step we will train management and designated staff members in carrying out the required Health and Safety management procedures to maintain ongoing compliance.

The fee will depend on the size of your business, the number of employees and your specific operational activities. Here a guideline:

  • From $600 for small businesses, up to three employees

  • From $900 for small to medium size businesses, up to 10 employees

  • From $1200 for medium size businesses, 11 to 20 employees

For businesses with more than 20 employees, please contact us for an estimate. All fees are +GST


Optional Health and Safety Management Systems Maintenance and Check-ups

Once your Health and Safety management systems are up and running, we can carry out regular check-up/maintenance visits. We keep everything up to date, help to complete required documentation, assist with accident investigation and risk assessments. We generally make sure your business still meets all legal obligations. If required, we organize and carry out Tool-Box or Health and Safety committee meetings.

Intervals and fees will depend on the size and complexity of your business. We recommend as a guideline:

  • 2 check-ups per year for small¬† businesses, up to 3 employees

  • 3 check-ups per year for small to medium size businesses, up to 10 employees

  • 6 maintenance visits per year for medium size businesses, up to 25 employees

  • monthly visits for larger businesses with more than 25 employees

All fees are +GST

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The following travel cost apply:

  • $ 0.90 per km in excess of 25km return from our office in Richmond
  • $ 37.50 per hour travel time in excess of 30 minutes return travel from our office in Richmond