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Nail Salon prosecuted for disregarding health and safety

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Nail Salon prosecuted for disregarding health and safety

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Companies that disregard the health and safety of workers and customers should expect they’ll be held to account by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Kiwi Nails and Spa Limited appeared for sentencing in the Auckland District Court today for using a banned substance.

The salon was inspected by WorkSafe and Auckland Council and it was discovered the company was using a substance called methyl methylacrylate to glue artificial nails onto customer’s nails.

Methylacrylate is a banned substance and is not allowed to be used as a component or ingredient in any cosmetic product. It is known to cause drowsiness, headaches and trembling hands if people are exposed to the fumes, and it can cause damage to nails and irritate customer’s skin on contact. It is also one of the main components in the manufacture of plastics.

The company was fined and $13,500 after pleading guilty to a charge laid by WorkSafe under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.

WorkSafe’s Acting General Manager Operations and Specialist Services, Simon Humphries says, “It is unacceptable for companies to put workers and customers in harm’s way by using banned substances which they know are toxic and illegal,” says.

“If customers or workers are concerned, or have a very bad reaction to a product used, then we recommend that they report it to us,” added Mr Humphries.


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