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Fatigue – what’s the problem?

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Many industries rely on workers being physically and mentally alert. Fatigue is a state of physical and/or mental exhaustion which reduces a person’s ability to perform work safely and effectively. Fatigue reduces alertness. This may lead to errors, and an increase in workplace incidents and injuries. As an employer, ensure…

Tractor driver had worked 197 hours in the fortnight leading up to his death

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“Getting the job done is important, but not if the hours required to do it put workers at risk of injury or death,” says WorkSafe New Zealand Deputy General Manager Simon Humphries. His comments follow the sentencing of agricultural contractor Micheal Vining Contracting Limited in Huntly District Court. In October…

Mining company pays $1.4 million after worker death

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Managing risks is a non-negotiable requirement for every business. Critical risks in workplaces must not only be identified, but also managed effectively. This includes risks inherent in actions taken to mitigate known risks. Mining company Oceana Gold has been sentenced, after the death of a worker in July 2016. They…

Workplace Health not taken as seriously as Safety: Survey

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Most New Zealanders don’t think workplace health is taken as seriously as safety, a survey suggests. The results of Safeguard magazine’s annual State of the Nation survey have been released, and they don’t bode well for the ‘H’ in health and safety. More than 900 people took part, consisting of…

It is not enough for a company to only identify a hazard

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The importance of risk assessments and implementing appropriate controls – including training and monitoring workers to ensure they’re working safely, was a dominant message in the sentencing of Avon Industries Limited on health and safety charges. The Whangarei District Court released their sentencing decision on Wednesday, after Avon Industries appeared…

Major focus on reducing farm accidents involving vehicles

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A major drive to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities involving vehicles on farms is underway. Almost 90% of farm fatalities involve working in, and around vehicles and machinery. Worksafe NZ research shows there is almost always a vehicle involved when someone dies as a result of a farm…

Playing down workplace incidents doesn’t pay

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26 February 2018 – WorkSafe is warning businesses not to play down notifiable events in their workplaces. Trade Depot Ltd appeared in Auckland District Court in December following an incident where more than 200kg of plasterboard fell on a worker in Takanini. The Court has since released its sentencing decision…

Unguarded machinery causes fatality

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Worksafe NZ press release February 7th, 2018 There are no second chances with heavy machinery says WorkSafe New Zealand after the sentencing of Easton Agriculture Limited today in Palmerston North District Court. The sentencing follows the death of a worker in August 2016 after he became trapped in a potato…

Managing Heat Stress

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Workers can suffer from heat stress when they are exposed to too much heat, usually too much hot sun. Heat stress can interfere with the ability to work safely, and potentially cause injury. Heat stress can be hard to realise because it is disorientating, making it hard to recognise symptoms….

Arborist to pay $108,500 after woman hurt in tree felling – Fine higher than the value of the business

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An arborist has been ordered to pay $108,500 after a woman was hurt when she walked into the path of a falling palm tree. A WorkSafe investigation found Stumpmaster Limited placed three cones in the area where it was cutting down a palm tree, but the cones were not the…